Armorweave ™ 3D

The materials in today's industrial applications are good at providing one advantage or another. The problem? It takes many materials to provide all the advantages you need, which adds weight and ends up diluting overall performance. But our line of Armorweave ® 3D Fabrics is designed to provide four key enhancements-shock absorption, cushioning, lightweight and breathability-for better protection and superior performance.

These fabrics are used for cushioning in load bearing straps and backpacks, mid-soles and inner-soles in athletic and outdoor recreational shoes and as a ventilation and cushioning strip in helmets and cooling vests. Our fabrics offer excellent shock-absorbing characteristics when compression and recovery properties are critical, as well as breathability and insulating properties. Each of these high-performance synthetic materials, including our honeycomb weave and tubular weave fabrics, features a unique three-dimensional design and custom weave shape.

Manufactured from polypropylene and polyethylene yarn, this fabric is inert, nonabsorbent, lightweight and an ideal alternative to most foam product.The extremely durable open construction of our fabric provides all four advantages together, making them the all-in-one solution for today's advanced applications.

Common Applications

  • Helmets
  • Footwear
  • Backpack straps & backing
  • Protective vests
  • Military gear
  • Helicopter seats
  • Military stretchers
  • And many more

Shock Absorption & Attenuation

Armorweave 3D fabrics provide superior shock absorption and attenuation in a variety of protective gear applications, including helmets, military vests and body padding. The fabrics' three-dimensional characteristics allow them to absorb more impact for better body protection.

Cushioning & Comfort

Because our 3D fabrics have a very low compression set, they can handle applicaions requiring both comfortable cushioning and structure. While most materials flatten to the "bottom out" point during use, our fabrics provide soft comfort while maintaining their dimensional stability, and they "remember" their shape even in continuous load-bearing situations. This makes them ideal for applications such as seats, aircraft, boats, backpacks and more.

Some examples of our 3D fabric:

Test Method Units 3/8 Blu/Black Spacer 1/2 Tublar Spacer 1/4 Tublar Spacer
ASTM D3775 threads/in 65 X 74 70 X 53 78 X 88
visual n/a Spacer Spacer Spacer
ASTM D5261 oz/sq. yd. 10 18 15
ASTM D4632 lb 260 warp, 255 fill 700 warp, 335 fill 476 warp, 382 fill
ASTM D1777 mils 240 500 250
ASTM D4491 gal/min/ft2 - 500 430
ASTM D737 cfm - 1100 900