Geosynthetics are permeable fabrics which, when coupled with soil, have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, or drain.

Original geotextile fabric was used behind seawalls in the 1950s but had a high percentage of open area. It was determined that adequate permeability and soil retention were necessary, along with a strong fabric that had a proper elongation. It was at this time Lumite tightened the weave pattern and began to perfect the material we see today.

Lumite geosynthetics are found in freeways, airports, retaining structures, reservoirs, along canals, dams, and slope protection, as well as numerous coastal engineering configurations. Our geosynthetics are used to armor levees and sand dunes to protect upland coastal area from storm surges. When placed in sloped steps these fabrics reduce scour and help prevent shore erosion. Geo material is used as matting to stabilize channel flows and also allow planting on steep slopes further securing anti-erosion measures.

Lumite has the capability to produce monofilament and fibrillated tape geosynthetic fabrics in widths up to 204” and weights up to 25 oz/square yard. We offer woven fabrics in plain, twill, honeycomb and tubular constructions. If the application is filtration, separation, stabilization or permanent erosion control you will find that Lumite’s offering of high strength/high flow, monofilament and three dimensional fabrics is the quality solution.