Shade Fabric

For many commercial growers their shade structures are their showrooms so we understand the need for a product to not only hold fast and long but to ascetically pleasing as well. Lumite’s time proven and field tested fabrics are designed with high density polypropylene resin coupled with UV resistant carbon black to resist, deflect, and repel many of the harsh elements of nature that can reduce yield. Our shade is created to your specification and designed to reduce the effects of damaging rain and wind. Shade factors ranging from 30-95% will control sun exposure and help suppress the ravages of many types of field pests while working to minimize temperature spikes and dips.

Durable high ultra violet resistant shade fabric can be used for almost as many applications as the mind can conjure. Here are a few:

  • Keeping livestock cooler, reducing dangerous heat stress resulting in healthier animals
  • Shading of recreation areas and sports facilities for participants and spectators alike
  • Privacy and wind protection
  • Keeping retail browsing customers cool
  • Shade fabric can double as solar protection and as a hail barrier for an automotive use
  • Ensuring comfort for patios and pet kennels
  • Crop protection