Trampoline Material

Whether you are in the market for trampoline mats, pool covers, or other recreational fabrics, Lumite Performance Fabrics has the solution for you. Our recreational fabrics are designed and engineered to meet a variety of needs in the recreation market. Superior in strength and construction our performance fabrics are UV resistant and will not deteriorate or mildew. Recreational fabrics are used as trampoline mats, trampoline safety enclosures, aquatic trampolines and catamaran beds. When you ask for our Performance Fabrics, you can be sure you are providing your customer with the highest quality product on the market.

We are vertically integrated and use the latest technology in our blending process to ensure the highest degree of consistency of blended material. We only use virgin resin, resulting in outstanding quality, strength and performance. With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, LUMITE Performance Fabrics has the experience necessary to meet your needs. LUMITE is dedicated to the concept of solutions oriented innovations, meaning that we partner with our customers to find ways to overcome the challenges they face.