About Lumite

In 1943 an engineer with Johnson & Johnson began weaving Dow Company synthetic filaments to produce mosquito netting for the United States Armed Forces fighting in the Pacific. He called the creation Lumite. Following WWII, the demand for the Lumite product line grew tremendously therefore Johnson & Johnson created a separate division for the Lumite line of military and automotive products. After the Korean War, horticulture and agricultural fabrics were added to the portfolio. This maneuver made sense because the goal was the same - to stop penetration of unwanted biological elements into a controlled environment. Sixty five years later, we come to work with the same work ethic and apply similar manufacturing principles to create fabrics that consistently provide barriers that suppress sun, heat, wind, erosion and intrusion of unwanted elements. Today, Lumite Performance Fabrics can be found anywhere from your sailboat to your backpack, from your trampoline to your pool cover and everywhere in between.

Lumite Incorporated is a manufacturer of performance fabrics built on the assumption that there is an intrinsic value and reward in producing products that offer customers more than they expected. We only succeed when our customers succeed. We are compelled to act responsibly in a much larger community. We do this by protecting the environment, providing fair economic opportunity, working safely, and considering the person in all of our endeavors.

More than 75 years ago Lumite was created to be a part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. Today we come to work with that proud heritage in mind to manufacture and fabricate material made in the United States for applications around the world. Our purpose is to create a product that has a long service life strong enough to protect your investment.


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