Antivirus Netting

A woven fabric produced from 100% polyethylene, regarded for its durability and long field life. This material is recommended by the US Department of Agriculture for use in seed pollination and hybrid material cultivation.


Designed to exclude or segregate certain insects deemed harmful/beneficial by the USDA in numerous seed breeding applications.


  1. Highly UV stablized material resists degradation and maintains strength for many years of serviceable life in harsh environments.
  2. Available in Green, Amber and White.
  3. Manufactured in various pore size openings.
  4. Available in rolls goods or finished and ready to install cages.
  5. Provides optimum sunlight and water permeability while maximizing airflow and restricting insect intrusion.
  6. Designed to quarantine crops and desired pollinators as well as excluded unwanted insect species


Seed Experimentation and Breeding. Controlled Pollination.

Lumite screen arrives field installation ready. This durable material contains reinforced seams, brass, or plastic marine grade zippers, and will provide years of service.